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Play Nintendo video games on your web browser for free

If like me, you were also born in the early 90s or the late 80s, you sure must be familiar with Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or "video game" as we used to call it. If you are not, Nintendo Entertainment System or video game is a TV game console which was popular in the 90s. It contained a central box connected with two (or more) joysticks, a virtual gun and a printed circuit board (cassette) which contained the data of the games. In India, NES was popular with the names, "video game", "cassette game", "TV game", "8-bit game" etc.. Companies like Nintendo, Samurai, Media etc. were the leading manufacturers of this gaming system. A picture of NES taken from Google images is featured below.

The 5 Best Cloud Storage Services

It is being assumed that cloud computing is gonna take over the conventional data storing facilities which we use today. Many cloud storage services allows you to store data in GBs of space for free. So if you have an Internet connection with good speed, why would you buy additional devices to store your files? For Internet is accessible from anywhere, so will be your files if you use cloud storage.

In this post we have made a list of the services which offer you to store and share data online i.e. cloud storing services. There are many of these available on the internet, but here we have featured the most popular and easy to use of them.