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The 10 Great Essential Free Open Source Software

Did you know? Some software you pay a lot for (or use the pirated versions of) aren't worth it. Almost every expensive and popular software can be replaced by a  free software which may also be open source. Open source software are software which do not hide their source code. The code of these software are available for public to modify and redistribute under some terms. To know more about open source and technology freedom,

Download Subtitles Automatically - BS.Player

There are a numerous times when you're watching a Hollywood flick or a TV show, and the dialogues are delivered so fast or in a really different accent, that it becomes very difficult to catch up what actually is going on. Subtitles can be very helpful in such cases. But what do you do when you don't have the subtitles? This post discusses about a software called BS.Player, which is a solution to this problem.

A note on WeboGraffiti's one year completion

I am very happy to tell all you readers that WeboGraffiti as an organization and a technology blog has completed one successful year. We the WeboGraffiti team have worked a lot to improve standards at WeboGraffiti and provide better readable material to people. Since technology is our main niche for writing, I am going to make this post short, do read till the end.

3 Problems After Moving WordPress Host and Their Solutions

Many WordPress users think a million times before shifting to a new web host, server or a new domain because of the fear of loosing their data, visitors or search rank. To some extent, their fear is genuine because a lot of problems may be caused after WordPress server migration which may eventually result into data loss, page load errors and even site rendering. In this post are three common problems which comes up after host migration and some effective ways to solve them.

Connect Micromax A70 to PC as Modem for Internet

Since we know that Micromax A70 is one of the popular deals, lot of queries does come up in the field of tethering Micromax A70 or connecting A70 to PC as Modem for Internet. So, here we present a simple tutorial for using Micromax A70’s internet on your PC or laptop. It is important top note that we have derived the given tutorial from Micromax A70 support community and forum.

How to use Java on Ubuntu - Complete Guide

Java (JDK and GRE) is one of the most essential group of software every computer machine got to have. "Java can be found everywhere". You need Java to run a Java program on your machine, to run Java based web applications, to develop  Java applications for desktop, mobiles and tablets and for many other uses. It is very easy to install and use Java on Windows but if you are a die hard open source fan like me and you use Ubuntu, things can become tough for you. This guide will help you out. After reading this post, you will be able to install many versions of Java on your Ubuntu Linux system.

Issue and Fix [WordPress]: Category and tag pages showing 404

Many bloggers do not prefer the default permalink structure of WordPress blog posts and thus they change it, so did I. But after changing the permalink structure, I found that all the category pages were showing a 404 error page instead of the category pages. I checked out my plugins and theme, there was no issue with it. When I Googled this problem, I found many posts on the WordPress support center of bloggers who had the same problem. However I didn't find any long term fix there. After an hour on Google, I found this great fix developed by WP Code Snippets.