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"Enter the Dragon" The Genius GHP-400F Giveaway

Hello readers. It has been more than an year of technology blogging and WeboGraffiti has always tried to bring up exciting things for its visitors. We are very proud to announce our first giveaway. It was organized in the month of July 2012 and we had some great experiences in the giveaway.

The 4 best PC games for 2012

Gaming is a big sub genre of technology. Tech. isn't always about gadgets and utility applications. Many people (including me) owe their mark in the tech. world to gaming. Many just got into computers and electronics because of gaming. Some people are ignorant to this technology giant but to some this means a lot. A lot of games release every year but only some makes a mark. In 2012 up till now these four games we are featuring in this post have made the mark. All these are games which have their PC versions, however they might have versions for other platforms too.

Three Sources to get paid "likes" for your Facebook page

Almost every blogger and webmaster uses social media to get visitors on their websites and blogs. Facebook is one of the largest social media traffic resource. While many webmasters believe in making quality content and attract visitors to their site, many try to get a strong start up base for their websites. There are many services on the internet which provide fans and followers to your social media pages in exchange of some amount of money. Here are three of them you can use to get Facebook likes.

3 Best Flash Gaming Websites

If we talk about my favorite pass time on the Internet, I will say online games. Flash games are a type of online games which run on an shock wave flash object. These games are entertaining and fun when you have time to spare. While some of these games are great, many of these are not, and hence it gets tough to decide which flash game to play for quality entertainment. Here are three websites which have an entertaining catalog of online flash games.

5 Good Websites for Online Shopping in India

E-business and e-marketing are in the shopping trends now a days and are going to stay because people get quality products right at their doorsteps at reasonable prices. There are countless e-business sites on the internet and sometimes it becomes really hard to choose the right place to shop. This blog post describes five top websites from where you can get cheap original products and electronic items. Amazon recently overtook Flipkart to become the biggest online shopping website in India. is already the biggest e-commerce enterprise in the world. They offer great deals, quality products and on time delivery. One of the best things about Amazon is the customer suppport. FlipKart has given me the best online shopping experience so far. They deliver in time, pack with care and cost reasonably. FlipKart has a wide range of products, for electronics items, their were the only online store I found which had Epson 91N printer ink in stock available apart…