Three Sources to get paid "likes" for your Facebook page

Almost every blogger and webmaster uses social media to get visitors on their websites and blogs. Facebook is one of the largest social media traffic resource. While many webmasters believe in making quality content and attract visitors to their site, many try to get a strong start up base for their websites. There are many services on the internet which provide fans and followers to your social media pages in exchange of some amount of money. Here are three of them you can use to get Facebook likes.


BoostLikes is one of the best service in the market. They deliver likes in a time of 5-15 days, according to the plan you select. You can get from 500 to 10,000 likes on BoostLikes. They also provide paid likes on web pages, Google plus votes and twitter followers.  You can buy Facebook likes on affordable prices mentioned below:

500 likes - $27.00
1000 likes - $42.00
5000 likes - $120.00
10,000 likes - $180.00

Buy Fans

Buy Fans have affordable prices and reasonable rates. The only drawback of them is that they don't give you demo facebook likes like BoostLikes. If you are certain you have to buy likes, you can use Buy Fans. They provide from 500 to 50,000 facebook likes. Here is the pricing:

500 Likes - $29.00
1,000 Likes - $49.00
2,000 Likes - $99.00
5,000 Likes - $249.00
10,000 Likes - $349.00
20,000 Likes - $599.00
50,000 Likes - $1,199.00


BuyILikes is the widest and cheapest of all. They provide 500 facebook likes in just $19.99. Not just Facebook page likes, but they also provide likes on photos, twitter followers, Facebook subscribers and much more. Their pricing plans are as follows:

500 Likes - $19.99
1500 Likes - $34.99
2500 Likes - $49.99
5000 Likes - $79.99
10,000 Likes - $139.99
20,000 Likes -  $269.99

Disclaimer - All the prices mentioned above are as on 10th June 2012. They are a subject to change. WeboGraffiti claims no guarantee of the prices.

So here were three services you can use to get paid Facebook likes. Do you think paying for Likes is worth? Thanks for reading.


  1. You forgot the leading company which is for years already.
    What would have been interesting to read also is who is sending fakes accounts / real fans.

  2. Piyush Shrivastava13 July 2012 at 07:50

    All of these are sending real fans. I never used bulk fans so I didn't write about. Thanks for the information and your precious comment.


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