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Showing posts from August, 2012

Transfer Android Applications Between Devices

One typical problem with Android applications is that when you install them, you don't get any setup or installation files which you can transfer to other devices to share the applications. For this reason, many Android users download the applications their friends have instead of asking them for it. This post shows a super simple trick to send installed Android apps to other devices so that they won't have to download them.

Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman vs Xperia Mini Pro - Which To Buy?

I have been researching a lot these days about Android smartphone as soon I have to buy a new one for myself. At WeboGraffiti, we are also planning to start a section for Android application development soon. In this post I have compared the two low budget giants from Sony Ericsson, Live With Walkman and Xperia Mini pro on the basis of their specifications and price. If you are planning to buy an Android phone from Sony Ericsson, this can help you a bit.

Host Your Static Website on DropBox

A static website is a group of static web pages, web pages which do not contain any dynamic element. These web pages are served to the user as they are without any modification unlike dynamic web pages. This is a cool trick originally shared by infogenra with which you can host any static website with the power of DropBox hosting. Yes you read it right, you can host your static website on DropBox, and did I mention? Its for free.