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Top 10 Most Addictive Android Games

One reason for which many people buy android devices is the great variety of games available on the google play store. Many of these games are very addictive and can entertain you when you need some fun at the most. I have picked these ten most addictive games I found. All of these games are hand picked and I also am an addict of these.

1. Temple Run Temple Run is the most addictive game I have ever played on my android device. This game is about some explorers who get trapped in a temple while stealing an old idol. When they steal this idol, they had to face the mysterious powers of the temple and run for their lives. This game has many add ons, power ups and in game purchases which keep your interest alive in the game.

2. Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja by Half Brick is another addictive android game I love. The premium version of this game has both single player and multi player modes. The games comes in many in-game playing styles. In the game, you are a student of sensei, who is…

How to Disable in Built Apps on Your Android Device

Your Android device may contain many in built apps which you don't need in your daily life. These apps keep flashing in your Android menu, eat up your memory and may also annoy you by giving unwanted push notifications. You can disable these apps in some super simple steps explained in this post.

What are in-built apps?In built apps are those android apps which are provided by the company which has manufactured your android device or by Android itself by default. Some of these apps occupy memory in your device, some annoy you with push notifications and some are just kept on your device when you don't need them at all. Many of these apps cannot be uninstalled. For example, if you don't need Google Talk, you cannot uninstall it on many devices. AndroGraffiti shows how to disable these apps so that you don't get them anywhere in your device but still they can be enabled anytime without installing again.
How to disable apps?Go to "Settings" from the menu.Tap on th…