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Smartest Way to Hide Things on Android

Merry Christmas everyone. On our Christmas post, we are going to tell you about a secret way by which you can hide almost everything on your Android device and no one less than a geek could find your secret stuff. This post features "Hide it Pro", a free app which can do this for you.

What is Hide it Pro?Hide it Pro (aka Audio Manager) is an Android app developed by Anuj Tenani which lets you hide almost anything on your Android device which you don't want others to see, it can be ideal to hide apps, pictures, videos, call logs, messages and, yes your porn too.

Installation  To install Hide it Pro on your device, go to the Play Store and search for "Hide it Pro". You can also open this link on Google Play. Once it is downloaded, you will see an app called "Audio Manager" added.
How to Hide Stuff?To hide anything, just tap on it and share it via Audio Manager.
For example I have to hide this photo so I tapped on the "share" button and I shared it…

How to Add Photos to Facebook Map

Facebook has had the Map feature for quite a while now but many users don't know about it and therefore their map isn't as beautiful as it could be. Facebook Map consists of your stories in which you have checked in a place. You can add your photos to your map and make it creative and good looking.

What to do When Your Android is Slow?

A typical problem with Android OS is that it gets slow with time. You might have noticed that your Android is not fast as it was when you purchased it. We are including some tips for maintaining your Android device's speed and how to restore its factory speed when it gets really slow.

How to Maintain the Speed of Android?These are some simple tips you can follow to maintain the speed of your Android device.
Keep a limited number of apps.
Too many apps is the primary reason for your Android device to get slow. You should keep a limited number of apps which you really need and remove any unused apps.Disable built in unused apps.
You cannot uninstall some built in apps but you can disable them. You will not see those apps again till you enable them again. To disable built in apps,
Read, How to Disable in Built Apps on Your Android Device.Keep apps in SD Card.
When you download and install an app, it gets installed in your phone memory. You can move some apps to SD card. Go to Settings >…

How to Shift From WordPress to Blogger Without Losing Anything

WordPress is no doubt an excellent blogging platform, but sometimes you want to move to Blogger for many reasons but you don't thinking that you would lose traffic, backlinks, pagerank and other things. This post shows you the whole procedure of successful migration from WordPress to Blogger without losing anything.

The 10 Biggest Android Gadgets of 2012

2012 was another successful year in the sale of consumer electronics. Many great innovative gadgets and electronics were released this year. In the Android clan, many new and great gadgets were released. In this post, we are featuring 10 Android gadgets which made a difference in the electronics market in 2012.

10. HTC One X HTC One X was the biggest Android gadget released by HTC this year. When released, this smartphone was one of the most advanced ones in it's group. The key attracting features in this phone are, its Android Ice Cream Sandwich (upgradable) operating system, 8 MP primary camera, Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor and many more features.

9. LG Optimus 4X HD LG Optimus 4X HD can be a strong competitor to any of the Samsung, HTC or Sony phones. This is the most advanced phone released in 2012 by LG. It has a Quad core 1.5 GHz Cortex A9 processor, 8 MP primary camera with 1080p HD video recording, A TV out port and a number of sensors. Optimus are the best quality Android pho…

Google Maps Navigation – Explained Head to Toe

Do you have an android smartphone or a tablet and don’t know about its Google Maps Navigation app? You are missing out some serious fun and utility your mobile or tablet can provide you. Here in this post, I have explained almost everything you need to know about Google Maps Navigation. To start this post with, did you know that you can navigate to any place in your city whether you know the way or not with the help of this cool app.

What is Google Maps Navigation? Google Maps Navigation is a child app to Google Maps which comes with it. Most of the android devices give this app pre installed, but still if for some reason, you don’t have this app installed on your device, you may download and install it by openingthis linkon Google Play.
This app can help you navigate from one place to another when you are not sure of the directions to that place. For example, you are standing at The Taj Mehal at Agra and you want to go to the Agra Fort. If you have never been there, I should tell you t…