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Review: Imangi Studio Temple Run 2

Temple Run by Imangi Studios has been one of the most popular games for mobile and tablets. After the huge success of Temple Run, Imangi Studios released their second game in the series "Temple Run 2". This game, like temple run is a running and jumping adventure game with lots of adventure, power ups and difficulties. We have reviewed Temple Run 2 in this post.

Installation of Temple Run 2Temple Run 2 game is available for Android and iOS for now. You can install this game from the following links:

GameplayTemple Run 2 is a running and jumping adventure game. This game is based on some explorers who try to steal a magic idol from a temple of the devil. When they take the idol, the guard of the temple, a monkey starts chasing them to kill them and take the idol back. You, as the explorer have to run around the temple and save yourself and the idol from the guard monkey. In your way, you will get many obstacles like abysses, maidens, fire holes, blind turns etc from w…

The Top 10 WeboGraffiti Posts From 2012

2012 had been a great year for WeboGraffiti. Some major events we had were WeboGraffiti Photography Campaign, our first giveaway, shifting from WordPress to Blogger and many more. We had fun this year and we hope 2013 to bring more happiness to our website. This post is a compilation of the 10 posts on WeboGraffiti which were the most popular, most read and most commented throughout the year. We hope you will like these posts.

Access Phone's Content from any PC through Wi-fi

When I bought my first Android device, I used to transfer my files, music and videos through a USB cable I got with the handset. It was very frustrating to attach the cable and then the slow speed of data transfer. Then I started using Dropbox to transfer files till I came to know about AirDroid. This awesome app lets you connect your phone to PC through Wi-fi and not just your PC, to any PC till your phone and the PC are in the same wi-fi network. Let's see how.

What is AirDroid?AirDroid like other Android apps, is an app which runs on your Android device. This app lets you access all your files, music, videos and even your messages, apps and call logs. You can manage all the content on your Android from your PC from playing songs, transferring data, watching videos to sending text messages and taking screenshots.
How Do I Connect my Phone?Connecting your phone is super simple. All you need to have is a Wi-fi connection, an Android device, AirDroid app (download), a web browser and…

Ubuntu Phone First Look - What to Expect

The day before yesterday brought an amazing news in the electronics and software market when Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, the world's most popular Linux based OS announced its phone version. The first look of this OS shocked everyone as it was great in everything from design to proposed features. This post tells you for what you should wait for this brand new mobile OS.