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The Top 10 WeboGraffiti Posts From 2012

2012 had been a great year for WeboGraffiti. Some major events we had were WeboGraffiti Photography Campaign, our first giveaway, shifting from WordPress to Blogger and many more. We had fun this year and we hope 2013 to bring more happiness to our website. This post is a compilation of the 10 posts on WeboGraffiti which were the most popular, most read and most commented throughout the year. We hope you will like these posts.

The Top 10 Posts on WeboGraffiti 2012

1. Review Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the latest android tablet launched by Samsung and the second in the Samsung Galaxy Tab successful series. This new gadget has some exciting features and specifications which we are going to talk about in this post. If you are planning to buy an android tablet for yourself, do read this review of a good one.

2. Update Your Facebook Status via Fake Gadgets

When you update your facebook status with a gadget, the name of that gadget is shown below the status. For example, when you update your facebook status with an android based gadget, the status is posted with "via Android" below it. With this trick, you can update your facebook status via a gadget you don't actually own. It can be used to make a fool out of your friends (I just did. ). You can either use the API key of a device to update status or you can use applications which can update your status with a fake gadget's name.

3. Host Your Static Website On DropBox

A static website is a group of static web pages, web pages which do not contain any dynamic element. These web pages are served to the user as they are without any modification unlike dynamic web pages. This is a cool trick originally shared by infogenra with which you can host any static website with the power of DropBox hosting. Yes you read it right, you can host your static website on DropBox, and did I mention? Its for free.

4. Connect Micromax A70 to PC as Modem

Since we know that Micromax A70 is one of the popular deals, lot of queries does come up in the field of tethering Micromax A70 or connecting A70 to PC as Modem for Internet. So, here we present a simple tutorial for using Micromax A70's internet on your PC or laptop. It is important top note that we have derived the given tutorial from Micromax A70 support community and forum.

5. Sony Ericson Live With Walkman vs Xperia Mini Pro - Which to Buy

I have been researching a lot these days about Android smartphone as soon I have to buy a new one for myself. At WeboGraffiti, we are also planning to start a section for Android application development soon. In this post I have compared the two low budget giants from Sony Ericsson, Live With Walkman and Xperia Mini pro on the basis of their specifications and price. If you are planning to buy an Android phone from Sony Ericsson, this can help you a bit.

6. How to Use Java on Ubuntu - Complete Guide

Java (JDK and GRE) is one of the most essential group of software every computer machine got to have. "Java can be found everywhere". You need Java to run a Java program on your machine, to run Java based web applications, to develop  Java applications for desktop, mobiles and tablets and for many other uses. It is very easy to install and use Java on Windows but if you are a die hard open source fan like me and you use Ubuntu, things can become tough for you. This guide will help you out. After reading this post, you will be able to install many versions of Java on your Ubuntu Linux system.

7. The Four Best PC Games for 2012

Gaming is a big sub genre of technology. Tech. isn't always about gadgets and utility applications. Many people (including me) owe their mark in the tech. world to gaming. Many just got into computers and electronics because of gaming. Some people are ignorant to this technology giant but to some this means a lot. A lot of games release every year but only some makes a mark. In 2012 up till now these four games we are featuring in this post have made the mark. All these are games which have their PC versions, however they might have versions for other platforms too.

8. Three Sources to Get Paid "Likes" for Your Facebook Page

Almost every blogger and webmaster uses social media to get visitors on their websites and blogs. Facebook is one of the largest social media traffic resource. While many webmasters believe in making quality content and attract visitors to their site, many try to get a strong start up base for their websites. There are many services on the internet which provide fans and followers to your social media pages in exchange of some amount of money. Here are three of them you can use to get Facebook likes.

9. Easy Alternatives for Popular WordPress Plugins and Addons

The way your WordPress blog looks and works depends a lot on the plugins you use. A plugin can do wonders from boosting your page loading speed to preventing spam comments on your blog. I am a WordPress user since quite a while now and I have faced many difficulties with popular WordPress plugins and add-ons and I keep facing the same even now. This post contains some good, easy and free alternatives to the popular plugins WordPress users use.

10. 3 Best Flash Gaming Websites

If we talk about my favourite pass time on the Internet, I will say online games. Flash games are a type of online games which run on an shock wave flash object. These games are entertaining and fun when you have time to spare. While some of these games are great, many of these are not, and hence it gets tough to decide which flash game to play for quality entertainment. Here are three websites which have an entertaining catalog of online flash games.

So these were the 10 posts who increased the success graph of WeboGraffiti in the year 2012. We have published posts in 2011 and 2013 too and we will keep publishing and updating you about the technology world. This is all in this post. Thanks for reading.


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