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Woah! This is a WeChat Group

For regular readers, this post is not a tip, trick, how-to or any review. Here is a twist. For the first time, I am writing for a contest on WeboGraffiti and a pretty cool one. The topic on which this post will be is "If I could connect with five or more people on a WeChat group, who would they be and why?".
Following the tradition of this blog, I am going to tell you guys about WeChat first.

What is WeChat? Well I don't think readers as advanced as you need an introduction, but still WeChat is this super awesome, cross platform text (and more) messaging app, and the best in class I found. You can install this app on almost any device you have which runs iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Nokia S40 or even on your computer machine. It is free and trendy, as you are. In short, it is THE messaging app you need.
The Five People I Would Like to Have in my WeChat group! Before starting this contest entry post, I would like you to visit WeChat's YouTube …

The 10 Daily Life Utilities Android Can Assist You With

People buy an Android gadget to play games, to watch movies, to stay in contact with friends, and also to do their daily life works with ease. There are many utility apps on the play store that you can download and use but if it is getting difficult for you to find just the ones you need, we are going to help you out with that. In this post we are picking up 10 daily life utilities in which your Android device can assist you.

Office Suite Viewer 7 + PDF&HDQuite a huge name, eh? This app works huge too. You can view all your office documents, pdf files and even ZIP files with this app. Store those anywhere on your device and get directly on the home screen of this app. A paid version also lets your create, edit, share and print these files. Play Store

PayTMMobile, DTH and data card, you often need to recharge these, don't you? Who likes to walk to a recharge outlet, type mobile number on their phones or scratch those tiny recharge cards? PayTM lets you recharge all these with your…