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Woah! This is a WeChat Group

For regular readers, this post is not a tip, trick, how-to or any review. Here is a twist. For the first time, I am writing for a contest on WeboGraffiti and a pretty cool one. The topic on which this post will be is "If I could connect with five or more people on a WeChat group, who would they be and why?".
Following the tradition of this blog, I am going to tell you guys about WeChat first.

What is WeChat?

Well I don't think readers as advanced as you need an introduction, but still WeChat is this super awesome, cross platform text (and more) messaging app, and the best in class I found. You can install this app on almost any device you have which runs iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Nokia S40 or even on your computer machine. It is free and trendy, as you are. In short, it is THE messaging app you need.

The Five People I Would Like to Have in my WeChat group!

Before starting this contest entry post, I would like you to visit WeChat's YouTube channel and check out some cool videos which can tell you more about this app.
Okay so the five people I would like to have in a WeChat group are Pratiksha didi, Kavita, Sofia, Anju and Shashank. I am going to describe everyone of these one by one with all the reasons and stuff but first of all, you might be wondering that why on earth am I adding four girls in my dream WeChat group? There is a simple and silly reason behind it. I have been a ladies man. I have guys as friends too, but I guess I have made friendships with them by meeting them and spending time with them personally; but all these girls were once my 'online friends', and we have built our relations by the means of chat. We still chat and I guess we'll always do. So in a dream WeChat group, I would add these girls who have become my close friends because of "chat", and yes there's a guy too. :P

One more reason I am adding these five is that these have been my closest buds ever since I have known the meaning of friendship. These are some of the oldest friends I have known and I want them to be in my life for ever till I live. :)

Pratiksha didi

I am starting with a girl two years elder than me whom I met on Orkut one past day. There was a friend Radhika who recommended me to send her a request and told me that she is a girl I should definitely talk with. When we first used to talk through "scraps" on Orkut, she thought of me as a little dumb desperate kid who wanted a friendship with a totally unknown girl for no reason. :P
Maybe I was like the way she thought of me back then. :D
One fine day I asked her for her Yahoo Messenger! Id. She hesitated but gave me the same in some days, and here started a friendship worth a thousand words. :)
We gradually started talking more often and started sharing our daily stuff with each other. I used to tell her about my friends, my rock band (yes I had a band once), my school and so on and so forth. In some days we became the best of friends. I always used to call her  "Pratiksha di" and she was the first one among my friends to call me "Piyu", many do now. One day while talking on Google Talk, she asked my phone number and I replied her without thinking a bit; and then in some day I realized that I spend hours on the phone talking to a girl I have never seen?
The next day, I asked Pratiksha di for her photo. She sent me one but asked me never to share it with anyone. I still have that photograph in my phone but as she wished, I am not uploading it here.
She lived in Guwahati and I don't even know how far that is from Bhopal, so I never expected to meet her.

One day on a chat, she told me that she was sick and I gave her all the good health instructions I could. The talk ended this way. Another day, she told me that she has Chronic Leukemia, I replied, "Wo kya hota hai? :/". She said, "mai thodi si beemar hoon Piyu". That evening, I typed on Google the word she told me and I read on Wikipedia, "Leukemias are cancers of the white blood cells (leukocytes)."
I shattered. I didn't have the courage to ask her so I called a friend who was a medical student. He told me about the seriousness of this disease. I couldn't ask Pratiksha di in words, so I wrote a blog for her telling her that "Di, I wouldn't be able to live without you". She said, "mujhe kuch nahi hoga", but I somehow never believed it. While in this other half of our friendship, she asked me several times to come to Guawahati and meet her, she even said that Bhopal was the only place in the world she wanted to visit. I remember our last chat was on facebook when suddenly she disappeared and I never saw her again any day.

If I got a chance to chat with just one friend on WeChat, I would choose her. I don't know where and in which condition she is, the only thing I know is that I want her back in my life.
I would like to quote these words she once told me,
Online friends are people we may never meet. We see pictures, we may see cams. It isn't the same. We grow close. We care and share and show love. One day we may not hear from one another. All we see is a name on messenger but the person, we don't see anymore. All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had. Keep me close to your heart...
This is all. :)


Okay no more sad stories or weeping tales now, here is a happy part of my life I am going to share here. Kavita happens to be a school senior and friend of my sister. I met her first when I went to her place with my sister to get some school notes almost 5 years ago from now. I used to talk to her on orkut and sms. The reason I would like to add her in this WeChat group is that; five years is not a small time. We have been the best of friends since then and this friendship never ever diminished even a bit. It has always been increasing since then. Kavita has seen me in my good, bad and worst times and she knows what I am, and what I show to others.
Also, she is the one with whom I have the most sms and social media chatting. I spend almost 50% of my day chatting with her. Sharing all the day's happening and listening what all she has everyday to tell me.

She was a so much a stranger that sometimes I wonder how I grew such a great friendship with a person once I didn't know. When I used to talk to her on orkut, I never thought that I would be writing for her some day like this. In all this time, I have seen her growing up from a silly little girl to a mature, responsible and understanding lady. I feel very lucky to have her as my friend as I think not everyone get a friend like her. She is one of a kind.
Through this post, I would like to convey to her that I really cherish what she has been and what she is to me and I always want to be connected with her. :)
And what other than WeChat can help me in this?


Now the next person I want to add in this dream WeChat group is a person with whom it is VERY important for me to communicate. I cannot talk through internet, sitting on the computer is boring, I cannot talk on phone, STD call rates are too expensive and I even cannot talk on sms as we don't always use national sms plans. If you guessed it yet, you are right. Sofia is a long distant friend of mine and that's the big reason I want her on this group. :D
Some people do not believe in long distant friendships because they say it gets hard for them to communicate. We too face communication problems, which I am sure can get solved because of WeChat as a video chat on phone can make us feel the presence of a person, just like as we are meeting them in our dreams.

Sofia is sweeter than any girl you know. She has a healing feel and she can make you happy in what-so-ever condition you are in. I consider her my sister, as close as my real sibling. :)
She has been my friend since many years. We met first two years ago. It is chatting which kept us in touch all the time.
We have met twice now and very soon I am planning to go and meet her again. I cherish her friendship and I respect her for the person she is. :)


So the next ingredient in my dream WeChat group is my cute little gumpy bumpy sweetie best friend,  Anju!
She is my bestest best friend since many years and I am very sure that she is the last person on earth I call "best" friend and I have big hopes that I will too will always be a best friend for her. Some years ago we used to talk on phone everyday but then our parents sued us for the telephone bills so we started talking on ... you guessed it right, CHAT!
We chat everyday sharing our daily life happenings. If ever I feel grey, I always find her beside me. We have been together in all the good and bad times of life. We have laughed together in happiness, cried together whenever we were in dismay.

Anju is one of the most important people to me, just like a member of family. We share a special friendship which we have built with togetherness and I hope it will always be in the pure form as it is. I always want to keep in touch with Anju, no matter wherever I go and however I become in my life and this is the very reason I want to add her in this WeChat group.


Here goes the last but the best person I am going to add in this WeChat group. Shashank is a friend since 3rd grade and that makes twelve years of friendship. Woah! How great is that! :'D
His friendship with me does not need much description. We probably have shared underwears and have been in the weirdest situations together. We were together in school and that's where our friendship started. We used to share our lunch boxes, go to stalk school chicks together, used to climb on trees, run in the hills, fight in the middle of class and we did all the nasty things you could imagine.

Shashank has also been a great support. He has been there whenever I needed him in any situation. I cannot thank him in words what he has done for me. I want to add him in this WeChat group so as it might get had for me to handle all these girls, and he is a master in it. :P
Well jokes apart, Shashank is one of the greatest buddies I have and I always cherish his friendship. 

So this was my dream WeChat group. If given a choice, I would like to keep these people in this group so that I can keep in touch with them always. This is all in this contest entry post.
You can comment your views below about what you think of my friends and who would you like to add in a WeChat group if you get a chance.
For all the technology you need, stay tuned to WeboGraffiti.


  1. A very touching post! :')

    I'll always treasure these words. :-)
    Thanks a lot. :-)


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