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Looking back at the fall of Nokia

Looking back  at the fall of  Nokia
In the last two decades, the definition of mobile has transformed a number of times. The basic
definition of cell phones has seen numerous changes with addition or elimination of every
feature. Mobile phones have been used as media players, cameras and what not. Although
Motorola is crowned with the invention of first mobile handset, It was Nokia which made people
realize how effective mobile phones can be. Nokia made handsets that were ridiculously
simple to use and were well within the expense radar of all sections of people. Nokia turned out to be a great success and dominated Indian cell-phone markets for a long time period. But in accordance to the present scenario, Nokia is rapidly losing its clinch on the market.
Nokia which was once synonymous to mobile phones is currently on the rocks. Where did Nokia go wrong? What changed Nokia's success graph to a sinusoidal curve. Let us find out.

The mobile phone market is one of the most dynamic ones. The…

The 10 Social Media Profiles in Technology You Must Follow

Facebook is the biggest social media website of this era and it is going to stay. If we talk about me, I gather half of the knowledge about technology and all the other kinds of trends through my social media network. In this post, I have mentioned the ten social media profiles in tech. you should definitely follow to be updated about all the latest technological stuff.

Amit Agarwal
Starting from a popular and successful internet icon from India, Amit Agarwal calls himself the first and the only professional blogger from India (eh, I don't agree this). He is the founder and author at an award winning technology blog, Digital Inspiration. He has also written for various popular publications including The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Express.  Follow him on Facebook Follow him on Twitter 
Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki is a former Apple Fellow responsible for the marketing of the original Macintosh in 1984. He is an author and speaker. One reason I am including him in this post i…

5 Online Resources to Learn Playing A Guitar

We are trying to make WeboGraffiti interesting to read to even more class of people and we are trying that any kind of people who have technology in their lives enjoy reading WeboGraffiti. We do not want this blog to be restricted with just geeks and gadget freaks so we are experimenting more broad niche topics here.
In this post we have mentioned five great and absolutely free online resources where you can learn playing a guitar sitting at home.