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Transform Your Facebook Page Into a Free Website

If you read the title yet and are wondering if I was not boasting with it, you should know that I ain't. You can now transform your Facebook fan page into a beautiful custom website and that too for free. And there are included some awesome features which you can enjoy after reading this post till the end.

Many of you own a personal business or a brand or just a fan base for which you have a page on facebook. Now you also wish that you should have a website instead of just a page, so you'll have to hire a designer like me, spend your precious money and get a beautiful website for your clients. Well, do you think need to do all this when all you want is just a website to show to your clients? Not really.

How to do this, eh? Yeah, you must have got frustrated that I'm not telling you what you actually have to do. Here are the steps, Go to your facebook page and copy its URL. Go to and paste the URL just in the homepage's text field and click Try It!Now see h…

How to Make Sure 'Free to Play' Games Don't Make You Bankrupt

The idea of 'free to play' games is one that upsets a lot of 'real' gamers. What's the problem with 'free to play'? Well the issue is that the title is somewhat misleading, sure the games are 'free to play', but in order to get the most from them you will be prompted to pay up a large amount, repeatedly.

Take 'Candy Crush Saga' for instance. This is a game like 'Bejeweled' that challenges you to line up lots of colored candies on the screen by switching their positions, and it also just so happens to be incredibly addictive (I'm talking withdrawal symptoms here). The game would be great (annoying music aside), except for the payment model which gives you a limited number of lives until you have to either wait to get more or pay up. The shocking part here is that a handful of lives will cost you around a dollar, which is the amount you would normally pay to own a game like this with as many lives as you wanted. It's essential…

How to Play NES Video Games on Ubuntu [Video]

Did you know, you can easily play Nintendo Entertainment System video games on your Ubuntu system. You don't need to buy the hardware or the games. Everything for free. All you have to do is to watch the following video and follow the tutorial.

Here is the video:

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The Biggest Phones 2013 Has Brought

I thought of writing this post while watching a teaser video of one of the great smartphones which is going to be released this year. 2013 has brought many great, stylish and powerful smartphones and we have picked up the top 5 for you to showdown in this post. Presenting the top five biggest phones 2013 has introduced/ is going to introduce.