Transform Your Facebook Page Into a Free Website

If you read the title yet and are wondering if I was not boasting with it, you should know that I ain't. You can now transform your Facebook fan page into a beautiful custom website and that too for free. And there are included some awesome features which you can enjoy after reading this post till the end.

Many of you own a personal business or a brand or just a fan base for which you have a page on facebook. Now you also wish that you should have a website instead of just a page, so you'll have to hire a designer like me, spend your precious money and get a beautiful website for your clients. Well, do you think need to do all this when all you want is just a website to show to your clients? Not really.

How to do this, eh?

Yeah, you must have got frustrated that I'm not telling you what you actually have to do. Here are the steps,
  1. Go to your facebook page and copy its URL. 
  2. Go to and paste the URL just in the homepage's text field and click Try It!
  3. Now see how your page looks as a website. If you like its look, register in.
  4. Customize and publish your website.

What is Pagevamp?

Pagevamp is a startup based in NewYork, USA with a primary goal to make website development easy and sustainable. On their website, Pagevamp says that they worked in a Web Development company before this start up and that's where they learnt and got this idea.

Free Features

A free account on Pagevamp gives you the following features (source:
  • Create a website from your Facebook page
  • Your website syncs automagically with Facebook
  • Share your site at
  • Choose your site's look from the available free designs

Paid Features

A paid (or full) account with a fee of USD 12/month (more payment options) gives you (source:
  • Create a website from your facebook page
  • Your website syncs automagically with Facebook
  • Add-ons to your site for more functionality. For example: a members page or a menu page.
  • Share and host your site at the available custom domain of your choice. For example:
  • Choose your site's look from the available free designs

Watch a Video

This is all in this post. I hope you'll enjoy your first website. Have a happy time.