Top 5 Android Apps for Programmers

Most of the students and developers now a day are into programming very much. Learning how to program is an awesome feeling. There is much software available for Windows and Macs on which you can edit as well as create programming codes and also run them. But you may need to write a program anywhere at any time, for this there are many applications available on which you can write as well as run programs, only if you own an Android phone. Here in this article we are going to tell you about 5 best Android applications that can prove to be very helpful to programmers as well as developers.

Deuter IDE

The name of the software is DeuterIDE which is a light weight platform application which is capable of handling heavy coding. The application is best suited for phones having bigger screen size. The application is able to support more than 40 languages. So in case you are looking for a software application that can be used in tons of languages, the application is perfect for you. Few of the features of the application are syntax highlighting, drobpox sync and automatic indentation etc. The program also offers virtual buttons that are most commonly used programming symbols. The price of the Application is $4.99.

Droid Edit

The application is a very useful editor of source code. The software highlights syntax for various languages that includes C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, HTML as well as Python. It also contains different color themes, auto indentation, block indentation, search and replace option, keyboard shortcuts and also many other features. The application is perfect tablets such as Asus Transformer that contains external keyboard that can be utilized for keyboard shortcuts. You can also connect Bluetooth keyboard if you want to. The cost price of the pro version is $1.69.

Code Peeker

It is one of the best programming software available in the android market that is sure to help you in programming anytime and anywhere you want. The software is reads very lightweight code allows the user to read the code very quickly. The syntax is highlighted for many languages and for the languages that are not supported by the application, and opens it as plain text. The application becomes really helpful when you are writing a program on your PC but wish to make use of your phone as external monitor and keeping the other code as reference. The developer also wishes to add another feature to the application which allows it to add files directly from your Gmail account as well as file explorers.


It is a very classic that can be utilized on you Android phone. The apps make use of gcc compiler, which is most often used on UNIX. The program is a bit tricky to set up at the beginning but it is very helpful software after it is installed. The program is capable of compiling C++ codes also.

C# to go

The software provides C compiler on your phone and also is a very successful and standard application. The software perfectly does what it says and includes syntax tester, debugger that works flawlessly.

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