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Advantages of Mobile Apps for E-Commerce Websites

Ever since the mobile revolution took place, the apps are everywhere and for everything. While an app might not be suitable for every company ex. a construction business, it is imperative in today’s time that an ecommerce portal also has a full functioning App. 

With most of the internet traffic increasingly coming from mobile and tablet devices, it is a clear sign that customers are using their phablets and mobile devices to surf the net. A Mobile App is basically an application which can be downloaded by the user and placed in the menus of their devices for direct use instead of visiting a website again and again. There are a lot of advantages that a Mobile App gives to E-commerce companies and their customers, some of them are –

Loyalty – Instead of going through many online portals while searching for a product and wasting time and energy, it’s much more efficient to just download an app of an E-commerce portal and open it whenever one has a shopping need. It allows customers to sav…

Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S5 and while it looks and feels very much similar to the previous device, it packs in a lot more. They have upgraded the hardware running inside the device. They have also added some additional features like a heart rate monitor for the data to be used by various fitness apps. At the price this device is on offer, it goes against the likes of iPhone 5S and the recently launched HTC One M8. Both these devices are strong rivals to the device and offer almost similar level of performance to the user.

While the HTC One M8 betters the Samsung Galaxy S5 when we talk about built quality and design, it loses to it when it comes to display. The HTC One M8 has got quite an impressive display but as soon as you look at the AMOLED display on Galaxy S5, the rivals appear dull. It was expected to have a display with resolution higher than the one on S4 but it was good enough already. We take a closer look at this awesome display and the device housing it.