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Advantages of Mobile Apps for E-Commerce Websites

Ever since the mobile revolution took place, the apps are everywhere and for everything. While an app might not be suitable for every company ex. a construction business, it is imperative in today’s time that an ecommerce portal also has a full functioning App. 

With most of the internet traffic increasingly coming from mobile and tablet devices, it is a clear sign that customers are using their phablets and mobile devices to surf the net. A Mobile App is basically an application which can be downloaded by the user and placed in the menus of their devices for direct use instead of visiting a website again and again. There are a lot of advantages that a Mobile App gives to E-commerce companies and their customers, some of them are –

Loyalty – Instead of going through many online portals while searching for a product and wasting time and energy, it’s much more efficient to just download an app of an E-commerce portal and open it whenever one has a shopping need. It allows customers to save their time and the e-commerce websites get loyal repeat customers.

Convenience – Many people have migrated to handheld devices for their surfing needs, a mobile app is convenient for them as they can just click on it and start their buying process without any hassle. Moreover a customer can be anywhere in office, on the move etc. and can buy products from a mobile app as long as they have an internet connection.

Quick process- Mobile app once downloaded makes the process of buying smooth and efficient. The functionalities which take a lot of time to load on a browser, load instantly on a mobile app once it has been downloaded.

Phone features – A mobile app can use the features within a phone to increase user experience for ex. touch screen devices have this ability to recognize fingers flips which can be used by an app when a customer is browsing through the range of products, it’s much more convenient than clicking every time. Camera, GPS, QR Code scan etc can be used by a mobile app. Features like GPS also allows the e-commerce website to identify the location of the customer, estimate the time of delivery and let the customer know instantly.

Notifications – A mobile app allows e-commerce companies to send notifications like sales,discount offers etc. directly to the customer and be sure that a customer would be at least seeing them. It helps in increasing sales as customers who receive notifications letting them know that discounts are available on the products of their choice are more likely to go ahead and make a purchase. A lot of people don’t go through a promotional e-mail or newsletter but a mobile notification is a short and efficient way to let your customers know that you are offering a discount.

Preferences – A mobile app can save the information related to a person’s buying preferences and habits. It helps customers and e-commerce websites both, a website can target what to display and feature on the home screen of a mobile app for a particular customer and a customer can find the relevant products quickly. 


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