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Life Chapter #2 With Microsoft Student Associate

It has been a long time since I have shared my personal thoughts about something on this blog. So here I am with a post about how Microsoft has affected the journey of my life and how I am even going to make it better by being a Microsoft Student Associate. This post was also required for the registration in the program. I'll be judged on the content of this post and the number of likes and comments on it so please if you like it, click on the like button below so that you can help me to get selected in the program.

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An Unknown Instigation My journey with Microsoft started when I was a little school kid of 3rd grade. This was the time when computer was a distant dream to me and it suddenly came true when the computer science subject was introduced in my school for students from 3rd grade onwards. When I first used a PC in my computer lab, I asked the teacher that why was a wrong flag displayed on…