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6 Reasons Why I Would Go For Android One Rather than Redmi 1S

This era marks the crowding of low budget Android based smartphones. It all started with Xiaomi introducing a 13k phone with features which were provided only by high end smartphones in a price above 20k or even more. Another phone recently introduced by Xiaomi was the Redmi 1S which became even more popular than the previous Mi3. In this post, I am comparing it with the new Android One phones introduces by Micromax, Spice and Karbonn in partnership with Google.

It's hard pain to get a Redmi 1s Xiaomi phones are made for sale exclusively on Flipkart and to get one, you need to register for the sale beforehand. Even if you are registered, it doesn't guarantee that you will get a phone. The sale goes out of stocks in seconds and you'll probably end up getting disappointed or paying a few hundred more bucks to someone who got one for the same phone.
Heating Issue in Redmi 1s Many of the Redmi 1s users have reported that their phone gets heated up with long use or playing gam…