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The Best IPhone Apps for Image Annotation and Markup

Which apps can you recommend for annotation and markup of images on my iPhone?” This has become a more common question recently as more and more people seek for better ways to annotate and markup their images. In the past, this would have been an almost impossible task on iPhone although this has changed in recent times and has become a fairly easy and straight forward process.

 Image annotation is the process through which metadata is assigned to an image in the form of captions and keywords. This is essential for the retrieval of images, for organizing and locating images from a database with ease and faster. The following are the best apps in the market right now running on iOS platform:


For those who often add loupes and callouts to images, this is your best help. This app maximizes on this feature with an impeccable result. It was developed by Demarco Marek Moi and is a free iPhone app which supports several image type annotation and canvas layouts. The app allows the user to add magnifiers to an image and also number the steps followed in the annotation. Therefore, in the case where you have several steps in one screenshot, users can be able to track easily what you want to show to them with great ease and clarity. PointOut can import images to your clipboard from wherever the image is saved i.e. camera roll or pull. Several layouts are available for the user to choose from. You can also lighten or darken a callout or loupe to make them more appealing and to stand out more.

An notable

According to latest fusecruch tech news, this app is comparable to Skitch, which is not supported on iPhone anymore. In case you were using Skitch, An notable should be fairly easy to get acquainted with. In addition to the features that Skitch offered, An notable enables you to add callouts and perform some other tricks on the images. However, even if the callouts are not as impressive and robust as those on PointOut, you may find yourself migrating to An notable due to familiarity with its feature.
Regular magnifiers can be added to images at no cost whereas loupes will require you to pay an in-app purchase of $2 in order to have the feature. For additional colors and tools, it will cost you an extra $8. This is fairly expensive bearing in mind that PointOut offers most of the functions at no charge. The best way to get around the cost is to assume that you are making a donation to the developer for delivering a good product. However, using PointOut and the free Annotable version concurrently delivers quite impressively. It is also a clever way to maximize on the features offered in both apps. This is in case you are not bothered by constant switching between apps.


Referring to this app as impressive is clearly an understatement of its performance. LongScreen completes the loop in image annotation. The app enables instant stitching together of iPhone screenshots and also provides several options for alignment of the screenshots. The user can also add place holders for devices around the screenshot in an instant. This provides an appealing marketing asset. The app can support screenshots from iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You can also set search filters so as to display only particular screenshots which are very convenient in weeding through the photo library.


There are many other small and simple apps that can help you in image annotation and markup, but the ones listed above are currently the best options in the market. Other available apps worth considering include; PhotoPen, iAnnonate, A+ Signature, iDoodle2 just to mention a few. However, each of the apps can address some specific needs for each user better as compared to others. The key in choosing one app over the other is to identify the specific need you want to meet. After identifying the need, then evaluate from the option, which one offers the best solution to the need and use it. A clever way is to have two or three of the apps and to use them simultaneously to address specific tasks.

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