Push Notifications - A Practically Free Marketing Tool

Customer engagement is a very important aspect in business. If the customer is not aware of the products and services a business is selling, they will certainly not buy them. Companies spend a lot of money in marketing their new products and services to make their customers aware about them.

There's a very interesting thing I noticed in an app that I have been using. This app provides a lot of services, or we can say that this app has a lot of features, some of which are tickets booking, money transfer and bill payments. I have been using this app for quite some time and I can say that I should be a very important customer for them. They recently introduced a new feature of ordering food online. Interestingly, I have been using multiple apps for food ordering, but yes if I can do it in a single app, why not?

As great as this feature seems to me now, unfortunately I was not aware about it when it was launched. I thought to myself, that if people like me would have known about this earlier, they would have started using it and would have contributed revenue for the company. Also there is a possibility that a lot of their customers still might not be knowing about this feature and this whole gap in customer engagement must have costed a huge loss of potential revenue for the business.

I started thinking about what the company could have done to avoid this, proper advertising is one thing, but what if the company doesn't want to increase their advertising budget? This is where push notifications are important for apps, not just for notifications but for marketing too.

In this case, if I would have got a notification describing this new feature, I would certainly have explored it. As the particular class of users we're talking about are the people who are already loyal to the app, they won't mind reading an occasional notification informing them about a new feature and it would totally be free of any extra marketing expense for the company.

Hence, push notifications is a strong tool for marketers. If you are a company or firm who has an app as a product, you shouldn't miss out on this like the company I have mentioned did. But yes, take care, don't send too many of these as people tend to disable notifications too.. We might explore that in another post.