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As WeboGraffiti is an open and free for all platform, anyone and everyone can contribute for its development by becoming an author. All you have to do is to share your views and ideas about the IT world through posts on this blog.

What you get?

  • WeboGraffiti got its Google PageRank 1 in just one month in the May 2012 update. We work a lot to improvise content at WeboGraffiti.

  • You can add two backlinks to your own content, so you get traffic from WeboGraffiti.

  • All our posts carry an author block where your bio will be displayed. You can tell people about you with your bio and attract more readers.

Why are your ideas important?

  • What you think in your mind is what makes your mind to think. You consider your thinking to be good and want to share it with everyone. Who knows it becomes good for others too. Hence sharing what you think is really important for the betterment of everything around you.

  • You get a platform to share what you want to tell the world plus you attract people by telling them about your creations. Blog writing is an important part of a technician's life. Who knows, your views may become the start point for a new innovation.

  • You get a chance to be original and to the point. You can write whatever comes to your mind till its original and to the topic which this blog serves. Your views and ideas will always be supported by the administration.


  • As mentioned, originality is the most vital part of blog writing. You have to share your original views in front of the world. Nobody on the internet likes anything which is available anywhere else around.

  • You can always take inspirations from any kind of source such as some book, the internet etc. but you have to properly mention about the source giving credit to its creators .

  • Your writings are important to us but we strictly prohibit any content that harms the views of any kind of society, group or any individual. Filtering posts is the need and will be done.

How to write?

  • If you consider yourself capable of writing a blog about information and technology, you are welcome to be an author at WeboGraffiti.

  • Contact info@webograffiti.com with your details and topics on which you can write.


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